I didn’t receive an email to set up my pool reservation. What should I do?

Contact us at swim.eastmoor@gmail.com and we’ll help you out. 

Each member can make two, two-hour open swim reservations weekly. Can you explain that?

Our example family has four members and a summer caregiver: Mom, Dad, Girl, Boy, and Nanny. Each of those five people may attend two open swims a week. They don’t have to all come together, but anybody under age 18 must be accompanied by a member 18 or over.

If I attend lap swim or masters swim, does that count as one of my two reservations?

Not at this time, but we reserve the right to change the policy based on numbers.

Can I have a nanny/summer caregiver on my family membership?

Yes, each family is allowed one summer caregiver. They are allowed two, two-hour open swim blocks like any other member of your family. Before they enter Eastmoor, you must fill out this summer caregiver waiver and the summer caregiver must sign this Eastmoor waiver.

What are Phase One hours?

Master’s Swim (ages 25+): 6-6:45 am M & F

Open Swim: 11 am-7 pm M-F; 9 am-6:30 pm Sa/Su*

Lap Swim (ages 16+): 6:15-7 pm Tu/Th

Senior/At-Risk Individuals Swim: 7:30-8:15 am F; 8-8:45 am Su

*Open Swim is divided into two-hour increments, with 30 minutes of cleaning time between each block. They are easiest to view on the reservation system.

Why aren’t there more evening hours?

After the pool closes, we need to do a thorough, time-intensive cleaning both in and around the pool so we are ready to go for the next day. Evening hours may expand during Phase Two.

What is open in the bathrooms?

The toilets and sinks. We ask that you minimize spending time in the locker rooms. Come dressed to swim.

When will swim team begin?

We are tentatively planning on the first swim team practices starting on June 15. They will likely run from 7-10:30 am in three different shifts. The shape of the competitive season is still being determined. 

Registration for swim team will tentatively open on Monday, June 8. More details + registration at https://eastmoor.swimtopia.com/.  The Metro League may begin some kind of competition after July 4th, but this will look very different than in years past.  

What about dive team?

Dive team might open later in the season. We will keep you posted as more local and state guidelines become available for dive team.

What is the status of group swim lessons?

For social distancing reasons, we are currently unable to offer swimming lessons for toddlers, younger kids, and anyone who is not safe or skilled enough to swim alone. We will likely offer a regular swim clinic for kids who can be coached from the deck or six feet away.

What about private lessons?

We may be able to provide private lessons from coaches on-deck.  If your swimmer isn’t self-sufficient in the water, then a parent would have to be in the water with the swimmer. These lessons will take place during your reserved open swim time. 

I forgot to bring a chair. Can I borrow one from the Club?

No. You are only allowed to sit on the ground or a towel in your zone.

Can I use an Eastmoor kickboard during Master or Lap Swim?

No, but you are free to bring your own and use it.  

When will the grills/diving board/club furniture/personal lockers/etc. be back?

As soon as it is safe to integrate more features into your pool experience, we will do so.


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